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Our belief and commitment is simple - make a return to the community we serve.

Every candle purchased from this site will generate a donation of 1 euro to the following charity:

Cyprus Stop Trafficking

Usually the countries of origin of victims of trafficking are countries that are very poor or at war. Destination countries are countries that enjoy a certain level of prosperity and have a high standard of living. Human trafficking is one of the three most profitable illegal activities (the other two are the trade of drugs and weapons). This is why it is so difficult to combat. Huge financial interests are involved. Unfortunately Cyprus is one of the destination countries where both prostitution and trafficking flourish, mainly because there is a great demand for these services.

Our organization has not raised a banner against prostitution, but we strongly oppose forced prostitution of persons who are victims of international circuits. In our view sexual exploitation is the worst kind of exploitation and the younger the victim of this devastating experience the more catastrophic and long lasting the effects.

In this way we hope that every purchase makes a difference to our communities.