Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your candles and diffusers made?

  • All of our products with the exception of the candle accessories are made in Australia (Sydney)

Where does your soy come from?

  • Our soy wax blend was professionally designed and manufactured in Australia (Sydney)

Are there any additives or paraffin in your candles?

  • All our candles are made of high-quality pure coco/soy and do not contain any of the following:
  • Free of pesticides - Free of Palm oil - Free of Paraffin – Free of any petroleum product – Free of paraben’s and GMO’s

Our EvokeME candles are all made using 100% essential oils (organic oil wherever possible)

How long will a diffuser last?

  • There are many factors that determine how long reed diffuser oils last, including air conditioning, humidity, heating, draughts, direct sunlight, open and closed doors and the width and length of the reeds.
  • Our diffusers are the ideal size for small to medium sized rooms. For a large open space room, you might want to use 2 diffusers in order to keep the scent flowing.

I can’t smell my diffuser; how often should I flip the reeds?

  • The reed diffuser sticks can be flipped (holding them from where the bottle neck is, twist them and flip them the other way) this will give you an extra burst of fragrance or when you notice there is no scent. some people choose to flip daily while others choose weekly. Be careful not to drip any as it can react with some surfaces. Be sure to clean any spillage immediately.

Are there any chemicals in your diffusers?

  • Our diffusers are oil-based fragrances which adhere to the strictest RIFM and IFRA standards for purity and safety. All of our fragrances are of premium grade and most are mixed with pure essential oils, NOT diluted, cheap grades sold by many companies. Our fragrances are manufactured in Australia and do not contain the following:
  • No paraben’s - No silicon’s - No PEG (Polyethylene glycol) - No additives - No phthalates or petroleum product -
  • No Alcohol OR Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) or a combination of both

What are your cotton wicks made from?

  • All our cotton wicks are made of pure cotton and DO NOT contain lead

I’d like to order a gift with a card, how should I do this? 

These stunning letterpress greeting cards are the perfect accompaniment to our range of candles, luxury fragrance & body products. 

300gsm | A6 high cotton stock | printed in black letterpress 

 Can I re use my candle container - jar?


The simplest method and works well for candles made of wax with a low melting point like Soy Wax. First remove as much of the leftover wax as possible using a sharp knife (being careful as not to cut yourself). Then, just fill the container with soap and hot water from your tap, let it sit for a minute, before scrubbing the inside clean. Bravo! job done. 

You can also reuse your jar for sml plants like cacti, or use the beautiful coloured jars as an ornament for your home, or for storing precious little items like jewelry.