Our Suppliers

blackMilk  (Australian Made and 100% concentrated fragrance oils) offers a luxurious collection of softly scented blends of pure essential and fine fragrance oils.
Our love of handcrafted products and the ability to share a special moment with a fine fragrance is what we put into all our products at blackMILK.By using the finest fragrance oils and natural ingredients.

Many of our fragrance oils do contain a high percentage of essential oils for an accurate and natural scent.  Our entire range of blackMILK products are the perfect addition in any space to create a calm, relaxed and luxuriously fragranced atmosphere.

Freshwater Soaps Situated on the Mid-North coast of NSW Australia, Freshwater Farm is our family owned and operated property producing a variety of distilled essential oils, from our farm to your skin. We have a number of plantations including Tea Tree, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Broad-leaved Paperbark, and Lemon Myrtle. 

This everyday luxury range of hair and body products have been designed with only the best natural ingredients. Our products are 100% Australian made, never tested on animals, cruelty free and vegan friendly.  

The Perfume Oil Company 

The Perfume Oil Company, based in Melbourne Australia, are pleased to showcase a collection of Perfume Oils that are sure to delight!  Offering a sheer and lasting scent, with less risk of an 'allergic' reaction, our Roll-On Perfume Oils are as 'natural' as can be, using pure, fine oils in an organic carrier, with no drying alcohol or chemical fillers! Our oils are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free! 

EVOKEME - Wellness Range 

Lovingly handcrafted in Sydney Australia and using 100% natural soy and coconut wax that is designed and made in Australia. In recent times it has been more difficult to get pure soy that is not Genetically Modified and a shift toward coconut wax as its Non Genetically Modified., Our  Wellness Candles are hand poured designed to trigger positive emotions while you feel safely and comfortably cocooned. It’s not just the art of candle burning it is all-encompassing.  Lighting an EvokeMe candle or adding an element of spa-style serenity to your home should be habitual, an essential part of enhancing your daily life.  

A carefully created special fragrance using only natural oils uniquely blended to release a beautiful aroma can bring contentment and relaxation. Every oil in the EvokeME products has its own intricate composition, dedicating itself to wellness, calm and happiness to bring about an all over feeling of luxurious pleasure.

There is something altogether satisfying about lighting and burning an all-natural candle, the fragrance is intrinsically different from artificial scents. Importantly, they are used in aromatherapy so are designed especially to bring joy and harmony because they trigger happy emotions. Turn down the lights and start to burn an EvokeME candle. The soothing properties are seductive and unparalleled and guaranteed to uplift your mood in moments.

Our Suppliers in Sydney Australia, Sydney Essential Oil Co. (SEOC) has grown into an internationally respected company with the well-earned reputation as a leading supplier and specialist in certified organic and high quality pure essential oils and natural products.